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Discovering A New Era


I realized that my life was about to change while sitting on the floor in a room in Sydney Australia. In my hand I held my phone; Which ten seconds earlier was being used to communicate with a pastor on the other side of the world in San Jose California. The conversation? A need for a worship pastor. I told him that my wife and I would pray about moving forward because moving forward basically meant picking up our life in Sydney and relocating to one of the most expensive places in the world when it comes to living, all the while having no means by which to do so… I knew it would HAVE to be a move of God getting us there because we had no plane tickets home. We had no transportation, no immediate plan, and in about thirty seconds, I would have no job. I put the phone down and we prayed a simple prayer that went something like this… “Lord, the last thing we want to do is ask you to, yet again, prove plan for us before we make a move, but on this one… we’re going to need a sign. Please let us know what to do… Amen”. I put the phone down on the bed and ten seconds later, before I could finish my next sentence, it rang. It was my employment agent, “Garrett, they like you at your assignment, they like the work you do; But the fact of the matter is, they just simply don’t have the cash flow to keep you on board, I’m sorry. Thank you for your service but at this time you wont be able to continue.” I said “thank you” and hung up the phone. I’d like to tell you readers that I was calm and collected, and that I recognized this incident for what it was… but I wasn’t, and I didn’t. Thoughts began to rush through my head. “I sacrificed so much for those guys! I woke up at 4 am everyday, and took the bus to get down there for months! I killed myself there everyday and they re-pay me by dumping me out on the street?! Did God really bring us all the way down here to abandon us like this?!”

Sound familiar? Perhaps from a particular part of Exodus?

Some times we miss God’s still-small voice, and some times we miss God’s loud and obvious voice. For me, this one was the later. As my wife reminded me that this is EXACTLY what we had just asked for about 2 minutes earlier, my blood ran cold. I looked down at the floor, and I felt a peace come over me. I began to realize that this was no accident. This was the living God, the creator of our universe reaching down to us in all his splendor and majesty, for just a moment … providing us with a map in which to lead us though the desert. The rest of the story is simple. God provided. He brought us into a season of promise. Specifics aside, Through giving us some extra work, He provided the money for plane tickets home, he gave us a timely exit out of Australia, and even allowed us the chance to take a trip to Texas to see my family and pick up the rest of our things that we left there before our trip around the world. We now are privileged to be a part of a church here in California, called “The Journey” (The perfect church for us by the way! That fact in itself is reason to be ecstatic!) We are officially back in our home state, just as God promised we would be all those years ago when we left. What began as an impossible situation, culminated in a return to my original home, The Silicon Valley, which, for us, completed one circumnavigation of the entire globe (from California to California; a dream we also had hoped to accomplish.

How many of these moments have we missed I wonder? How many times have we allowed our freak-outs to blind us to the hand of God working in our daily lives? I learned something really important that day in Sydney. I learned first-hand that sometimes God closes each and every door to get the attention of his self-centered people. God knows the desires of your heart. He knows what our true passions are. I think sometimes we are too excited about the things we THINK we want, and not enough about the things HE wants for us. Today you may find yourself in a situation that seems hopeless. You may be reading this, expecting me to write some truth that will encourage you. But the REAL truth is that nothing I can say will satisfy your desire for peace. Only God, in His time, can do that. What I DO know is that In the meantime, He’s asking you to trust Him. He asks us to be faithful with what we have, and to be obedient to the calling in which He’s arranged for us. Stay the course. Be courageous enough to trust Him, and I promise you that in time, He’ll show you His plan.


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