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Hey everyone!!! Guten Täg and Merry Christmas from Wels Austria. Writing on my phone for the moment lol Sorry about the lack of posts. I know it’s really rotten of me to have said that there would be updates and not do them, but I do have a good excuse. The decision was made to leave the laptop behind in order to further its chances of not being stolen. And believe me it would have lol. Anyhow I’m writing all my entries on paper for now and and will be sharing them all ASAP. Countries checked off the list so far include Turkey, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Still up ahead are England, Belgium and The Netherlands. Needless to say it’s been a long hard road. But it’s been the most incredible and rewarding journey I could have ever imagined. I really don’t deserve to be able to do this but somehow God worked it out. There are far too many stories to type out on my phone lol so I will just have to say that they are coming soon. Please continue to pray for the upcoming part of the trip that includes the tour we are graciously being allowed to be a part of. I’ll need wisdom and strength now more than ever. Thank you so much for being readers. You have absolutely no idea what it means to me. I promise I’ll have more content very soon. Yours sincerely, Garrett




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